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Forbearance allows you to postpone your student loan payments. It can give you just the time you need to get back on your feet. Forbearance also brings your loan current if you've missed any payments. But, it doesn't erase any past due payments that were previously reported to credit bureaus.


  • May be a good option if you're not eligible to postpone payments using a deferment.
  • Is temporary. Afterwards, you'll need to begin making payments again. It's important you select a new repayment option before your forbearance ends, so you can make on-time payments.
  • Isn't automatically granted, rather they're typically approved at your lender's or servicer's discretion. If you receive one, understand that each lender or servicer sets a limit on how much forbearance time they allow. A good practice is to use as little forbearance as possible, in case you need to request additional forbearance in the future.

During forbearance, you're responsible for any interest that accrues, regardless of the loan type. When your forbearance ends, any unpaid interest is added to the amount you borrowed—called capitalization. Your increased loan amount then generates more interest, increasing the overall cost of your loan. You can limit the amount to be capitalized by making interest payments during forbearance.

Forbearance may give you just the time you need to make new student loan payment arrangements.

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Not everyone follows the same path while in school, or afterward when you're expected to pay back your loans.

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